Arbor Days

You can definitely feel Christmas coming on here at The Aerie – the carols are playing (including the Glee ones from Jen! :D ), and the tree is up and all decorated.  The ornaments are hanging from the palm and the lemon and the lime trees, too.

Pointer, Piano, Pine

But as wonderful and beautiful as our tree is this year, my favorite part of decorating for Christmas is the “little” tree we have in the backyard.  I had gotten it as a live tree during a very bad time several years ago, and to me is a reminder of when things in my life began to change for the better.  It’s been with me ever since.

That doesn’t mean that he’s had it easy.  My old home at Stately Betz Manor faced east and was heavily shaded and the little tree nearly didn’t survive.  And you know who made him better?  Yep – The Beloved.   Here he is a couple of Christmases ago.

Seen Better Days

And he’s really taken off since the move to The Aerie.  With The Beloved’s loving care he’s done great – grown healthy and green.  Now he’s even taller than me.

Taller Than Me!

So, every night when I turn on the lights on that tree, I’m reminded of where the both of us were then and where we are now – and am so thankful.

17 thoughts on “Arbor Days

  1. Both the outdoor and indoor trees are lovely, Steve. ButI wonder what Penny thinks of your bringing a large conifer inside of the house. My cats would without fail knock the Christmas tree down at least once during the season. Our dog meanwhile was too much of a gentleman to pee on it, but he always looked a bit perturbed, as if he doubted our sanity.

    • HG — I think Penny thought the whole process of bringing the tree in and decorating it was sort of crazy, but she hasn’t really gone near the tree that much. She has a really well-developed sense of what’s hers and what’s ours. Unless it’s upholstered, of course.

  2. I think the tree looked like the Charlie Brown Tree as well. you don’t happen to have a orange shirt with a black zig zag do you. Penny is actually a WWII ace.

    • Budd — when that tree was close to shedding its mortal coil, it was most definitely a Charlie Brown tree — now it’s almost big enough to be a “real” Christmas tree.

      Penny says she’ll stick to riding in the car!

  3. The tree outside reminds me of the Charlie Brown Christmas Tree. With just a little love and care and decoration it became beautiful. :)

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