Bowled Over

You might have heard that last week Southern California experienced some pretty unusual rainfall.  Cats and dogs type rain.  Rain – that if it were Midlantic snow – would have sent locals off fighting for bread, eggs and milk.  But being Southern Californians, we didn’t really know what to do except maybe say, “Man, is it ever raining.”

And we almost always like to see rain here in parched San Diego.  Except when the Beloved’s mom visits from the east coast and gets to spend the first four days of her visit housebound.  Yay for togetherness.

The rain was bad enough that we began to wonder whether one of our pre-Christmas excursions – a trip to the Poinsettia Bowl – might get derailed.  The game was Thursday and the forecast called for the rain to end Wednesday evening.  But what about the stadium?  Could it be gotten into “game shape” in time?

The Q was all wet

Well, the elves at Qualcomm stadium worked through the night and day to get the field in shape (in was covered in a tarp and the tarp had about 5 feet of water on it) though the same could not be said for the parking lot which only had a small portion of unflooded spots available.

Fortunately, we were able to take mass transit to the Q which had a great festive “Bowl Game” air – you know, except for the guys that were there preaching that we were all going to Hell.

Have Fun at the Game!!

The Poinsettia Bowl featured hometown San Diego State University versus the Midshipmen of the Naval Academy (who are also sort of a hometown favorite as SD has the largest concentration of Navy bases on the west coast).  We were rooting for SDSU and imagine our surprise when our “best available” tickets were right in front of two sections of Midshipmen!  Fortunately, they were very polite.  I have to say the Midshipmen looked great in their uniforms, and would have been downright dreamy if I was a 20-year-old girl.

The Midshipmen Arrive

One thing the game lacked was, oddly enough, poinsettias.  San Diego had been the source of most of the nation’s poinsettias for decades (now they breed and develop them here and grown them in Central America), and yet there were none in evidence at the game.  I mean, aren’t there a ton of roses at the Rose Bowl?

Navy Scores!


Navy on the march? Wait, that's not right...

Anyway, the game was really fun – and SDSU pulled away in the second half to cruise to a 35-14 victory, sending the mostly Aztec favoring crowd home happy.


Blurry but happy




13 thoughts on “Bowled Over

  1. I read about this and wondered how on earth they were going to pull off the cleanup, which must have been massive. But how did that guy with the Judgment sign get in there? I’ve seen antiwar demonstrators and those John 3:16 sign wavers escorted out of arenas and the surrounding area. Did security think he was a Navy fan because he was wearing blue and gold?

    • Hah — I actually think the parking lot and *inside* the security gates must fall under different guidelines about what’s allowed and what’s not. Somehow I don’t think a lot of people were listening to their message.

      • That sign and your caption made me LOL! “Have fun at the game!”
        Sounds like a great time…even without poinsettias! …..that IS very weird, though.

        You guys DO look so happy! :)

  2. I watched part of that game. They had a story during the telecast of a man who works for the city of SD who worked all night pumping out water because his son plays for SDSU and he wanted to be sure his “baby boy” (the reporter’s words) got to play in his bowl game.

    And, yes, the lack of poinsettias was odd. I mean, pictures at least?

    But then, I doubt they have gators at the Gator Bowl either …

    • Yes — they had a lot of donations/tributes during the tv-timeouts that were all in the same place on the sidelines and I thought at least there’d be a display of poinsettias there!

      Now I might have to watch the Gator Bowl just to find out — and I was thinking the Humanitarian Bowl might be an odd display.

  3. The parents of one of Pumpkin’s best friends went to that game (cheering for Navy, I’m afraid- it is his alma mater). So we had an extra kid in our house for dinner and bath that night. It was actually a lot of fun. The girls played really well together, and I even got sent away: “Mommy, we don’t need a grown up in here right now!” I was worried they’d cancel the game, too, which would have seriously disappointed Pumpkin, who was really excited to have a friend over for dinner!

  4. wondering about the various bowls now. Glad you all managed to have a good time….
    I was also similarly stuck in the house after the blizzard…Eventually we sent the two kids under 10 to play in the snow…it was totally worth it…

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