Pointedly Cold

It was a unseasonably cold start to the new year here in Southern California this past weekend.  I’m pretty sure my car’s external thermometer had to be broken because it registered 31 F.  That can’t happen here, can it?

And we weren’t the only ones feeling the (lack of) heat.

Penny decided that she would finish out her long holiday of being an “on-duty” dog, by scrunching under a blanket.

Dog Blanket

If only she could write out “Do Not Disturb”

I'll Just Stay Under Here

Happy New Year everyone!!


16 thoughts on “Pointedly Cold

  1. It was indeed cold this past weekend. For Christmas someone gave me one of those blankets with the sleeves, which I confess I laughed at. Then I felt the draft coming through our ancient aluminum-and-glass windows at night, and all of a sudden that slanket felt pretty good.

    Penny is a very smart girl. We should all be so smart and stay under blankets all through the winter.

  2. Oh, Penny! Cold puppy!

    It has been pretty chilly in Cali, hasn’t it? We’re all bundled in blankets here, too, including the cat.

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