Santa Ana Saturday

After a long and (by Southern California standards) cold and rainy fall and early winter, we were treated to a glorious day of mild Santa Anas that ushered in warm temps (75-80) and bright clear sunshine.

This was particularly fortuitous as we’re getting visited by one of The Beloved’s best friends and her 12-year old daughter this weekend.   They hail from New England and so are pretty darn happy to leave sub-freezing temperatures behind.

Since it was so gorgeous, we decided to head down to the beach – especially since our pre-teen visitor had never been to California or seen the Pacific.

First touch


Hanging out

I’d say it worked out pretty well.

Hands down good day

Happy Saturday!


17 thoughts on “Santa Ana Saturday

  1. The weather is so gorgeous today! I didn’t really get a chance to enjoy it, but there’s still the rest of the weekend.

    I think we’re going to Disneyland all day on Monday. :D

    • Get out there! It’s beautiful! Unless you’re watching the NFL playoffs — and then it’s okay to stay inside.

      Enjoy DL! I wonder if the lines will be much longer b/c of the holiday?

  2. Oh wow – she’s lovely. That’s a great shot – I love all that youthful energy. Damn young people, they have so much of it. She’s a tween – pre teens are tweens.

  3. I love watching the reaction of children from the Midwest and interior East Coast when they first see the beach. My kids, native Minnesotans, fell in love at their first glimpse, though it wasn’t a gloriously sunny day like the one you had. Northern California’s beaches tend to be foggy, cold and rugged: but I took my kids to the tide pools and showed them the little crabs, mollusks and seaweed, and they spent the rest of the day gawking and pointing at all of the small animals they found. Why none of them became biologists is a mystery to me, or maybe not, since I know how biology is taught at the high school level (no fun).

    But I’m sure you and Beloved are fun hosts as well. Don’t forget to grill outside for them while they’re here. Minnesotans babble about that when they come back from a visit to California, like 16th century explorers talking about the New World. (“We wore sandals outside and ate on the patio. In January!”)

    • HG — yes, our friends were often on the phone back to the remainder of their family back in New Hampshire, where it was 10 degrees and had just gotten several inches of fresh snow to go along with last week’s dumping. They felt guilty and giddy at the same time that they were here!

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