5 thoughts on “Quiz Time

  1. Mmmm, redheads.

    I can say that because I’m a redhead, not a perv. Right?

    Also, I always thought Anna Torv looked blonde.

  2. I’m out almost instantly, but I do know that 2 was Xenia Seeburg. I liked white-haired Eva Haberman more but with Kai on the screen, what Earthly woman could focus on anything else? ;)

  3. I recognized Mila Jovovich immediately by her “band aid” outfit. I confess I’ve never heard of Eva Habermann’s show, but there was a period in the late ’90s where I stopped watching sci-fi television after X-Files broke my heart. (David Duchovny, WHY? Why did you leave the show in the seventh season?) Fringe lost me in the second season after it started wading into the waters of government-conspiracy. (Does anyone really think the US government is smart enough to promote weird science as a secret weapon when they’re scared to touch stem cell and genome research?)

    Oh dear, now I’m fretting about shows I supposedly don’t watch. This is as bad as watching sporting events and suddenly spouting off stats about players I profess I’ve never heard of.

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