CSA Happy Hour: The Blinker

The CSA box this week was chock full of citrus – tangerines, oranges and a couple of big grapefruits.

Now, converting oranges and tangerines into cocktails is pretty easy, but grapefruits?  They can be a bit overpowering, can’t they?  But their appearance reminded us of a great getaway that the Beloved and I had out to Anza-Borrego right about this time of year – you can get great grapefruits out there.

So, before she went upstairs after a busy day of Costco-ing and garage and pantry re-organizing, the Beloved made a request for happy hour:  a cocktail with rye and grapefruit juice.

Now, that sounded like a pretty odd spirit to go with grapefruit to me.  Rum? Sure.  Tequila? Ok.  Rye?  I wasn’t optimistic.

Never fear though – the folks at Imbibe had me covered with a classic cocktail from the 1930s: The Blinker.

The Blinker

  • 2 oz rye
  • 1 oz fresh grapefruit juice
  • ¼ oz grenadine

Mix all ingredients into a cocktail shaker with ice.  Shake vigorously.  Strain into cocktail glass (I chose the coupe glasses tonight).

The Blinker

I would have never have put those ingredients together, but it’s excellent.  Try one next time you’ve got some grapefruits.

15 thoughts on “CSA Happy Hour: The Blinker

  1. Really? Never heard or thought of mixing rye with anything but water, cola or Ginger Ale… I love grapefruit juice – bet the grenadine balanced it nicely.

  2. This isn’t named for the reaction you have after drinking one, I hope? I enjoy grapefruit juice in small amounts: more than half a glass however makes me gasp. My citrus-growing relatives assure me that the new varieties are sweeter and more mild, but I had such a bad experience with eating grapefruit as a child, I tend to approach it cautiously.

    With rye and grenadine, maybe I can learn to get over that. ;-)

    • Well — they DID go down surprisingly easily! :) And this was a very mild grapefruit. We’ve been wondering how a more “grapefruity” fruit would have changed it.

  3. These posts always make me want to drink.

    Our neighbor has a whole tree full of grapefruit, which she shares generously with us (we’ve promised some avocados in return). I don’t know if we have any rye, though….

  4. So funny – I just posted about a similar drink on my blog. Vodka instead of rye though (I’m not even sure what rye is – and that’s coming from a former bartender)…

    A-ha! I have Googled it. All is well. ;-)

    • Hah — I saw that post. My sis lives in New Market and it made me wonder if she’s ever gone to that restaurant. When we were talking (just today) she told me about the ice-sculptures and seemed confused when I told her I’d already heard all about it! :D

  5. good to know, as i have about 100 grapefruit just hitting their peak. i usually go with 1 or 2 greyhounds per year, then leave the rest of the fruit for neighbors. but if i get to a store, i’ll buy some rye.

  6. I had a Lavender Martini once that had a bit of grapefruit in it. I felt it overpowered the Lavender I was so looking forward to tasting. But this, this looks tasty. Perhaps I’ll have to try one out when we have moved on from our French Gimlet obsession. ;)

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