Friday Drabble: Jack

Remember, a drabble is a very short story of exactly 100 words. Feel free to join in and write your own drabbles on Fridays and tag them with “friday drabble” and on Twitter with the hashtag #fridaydrabble.



He glanced at the considerable cleavage of the waitress and was about to chat her up when the “couldn’t care less” look in her tired eyes stopped him cold.

Cold. This Vegas trip had been cold and he was in the kind of hole that’d require the sort of loan that gets covered with either cash or kneecaps.  He was staring at his Stud hand.

King, Ten, Ace of Clubs.  Hmmm.

The dealer turned the Queen of Clubs and sweat broke out on his brow.  One card from The Royal and a haul that’d change everything.

The last card flipped.



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