Entropy Gain

This week, we celebrated a big anniversary at The Aerie. It’s been four years since we moved in!  That doesn’t even seem possible.

And so last week, after receiving our tax returns and the proceeds from a strategic sale of some old-company-I-used-to-work-for shares, we embarked on a major renovation of the upstairs including new paint, some new fixtures and most importantly of all — new floors.  You see, our home had the original carpets from when the house was built in the mid-1990s and they were in pretty good shape.  Well, pretty good shape until a certain pointer that we all know began running all over the house with dirty paws.  Amazingly, the carpet began to show some of its age.

This week, I think we achieved maximum entropy: all the carpet has been torn out, the baseboards are gone.  Massive stacks of wood flooring have been hauled in to acclimatize.  Drop cloths are in abundance. There is dust.

Keep it clean!

The piano is covered for its protection.  I do sort of like the way the sheet rustles in the breeze though.

Storing stuff

The dining room was our “design central”, but now has become a storage area for displaced houseplants.

Barren stairs

From the stairs up and on the entire top floor, there is nothing but dusty plywood floors.

Acclimating boards and fun lamps

One thing that has been installed are new pendent lamps in the front room.

Guest bedroom

As much as we like guests, this week probably isn’t the best one for a pop-in.

Guest bathroom

Pointer and Potty

Toilets have appeared in the strangest places — as have the balcony planters (we had the balcony repainted).  I should note that we still have one working toilet in the house.  Whew.

I think the tide should begin turning today though.  When Penny and I left for work, the workmen who are putting in the new floors were getting started.  So far, everything is pretty much on track, so I’m letting myself hope that we’ll have our home back (and looking better than ever) by the end of next week!


15 thoughts on “Entropy Gain

  1. I can relate. It’s been like 2 months since I started ripping the wallpaper off of walls in hall and living room. 2 weeks ago it was stepped up a notch when I had to move major furniture to get the last of the paper. Last weekend it was sanding and scrubbing. Now this weekend is paint so thankfully after that we can stop living in a construction zone too.

  2. Oh STEVE! Your poor house looks like a Japanese horror film, what with the furniture piled up in peculiar ways, dropcloths over the piano and the toilet in the bathtub! I just hope you don’t have some dripping wet girl with hair so long it obscures her face crawling up your stairs!

    Penny’s expression sort of sums up the whole thing: somewhat puzzled and woebegone.

  3. On the positive side, you can tell people you’ve discovered how to reverse entropy, as you expend energy to reorder your house from its state of maximum disorder!

    I’m a big fan of the toilet in the tub. I think you should keep it there – hell, 60% of Americans already admit to peeing in the shower – why not give the other 40% a reason to do so, too?

  4. The vanity from our downstairs half bath is in our kitchen right now so I feel your pain. I’m hoping the bathroom will get painted this weekend while I’m working at the library. ;)

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