Puppy Party!

The other day, the folks that we were lucky enough to get Penny from announced that they’d had a new litter of pointers and that they wanted to have a pot-luck lunch so that their friends could get to meet the new little snausages.

Trying not to be cute

Let’s see – free buffet lunch and puppies?  Count me in.

What excitement?

It was a gorgeous spring day and really, what could be better than meeting a tumbling mass of pointer puppies?

Hi Mom!

The puppies were very excited when their mom, Gabby, came out for a visit.  Gabby looked pretty pooped.  Penny was a little less excited, since she had to wait in a yard with some of the other dogs, since they weren’t supposed to come near the puppies.  She definitely felt a little left out.

Getting some attention


Paw on head

Really I could have stayed all afternoon and had pointer puppies jump all over me, but alas science duty called and it was time to get back to the lab.

Tuckered Out

Besides, after all the excitement, it looked like the little ones were in the mood for a siesta.


28 thoughts on “Puppy Party!

  1. Puppies! I think I could be having the worst day ever and puppies would still make it all better. Bottle their joy and it may cure cancer.

    I wish I didn’t have four dogs… I would love another puppy.

    We still have meetups with our pug lady (all the pugs are from the same breeder). Some years she has pug puppies in the mix and it is heaven. :)

  2. How could that not make someone happy? Puppies are the best, until the grow up to be dogs, and then they are even better!

  3. Are these puppies Penny’s sisters and brothers, or half-sisters and -brothers? How sweet! though I don’t know how their breeders can stand to part with them. I know I’d be in tears every time a puppy left the nest.

    • HG — they’re more like cousins. The mom is Penny’s half-sister. The folks there ALWAYS give Penny a huge hug and ask her to come back — but she always wants to come home with me… :)

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