The Grills of Summer

Big transitions going on at The Aerie recently – and you guys know how I feel about change – but these are all for the good.

First off, the upstairs renovation is complete! The Beloved and I spend a lot of this weekend moving furniture back into place from its temporary place in the garage and assembling a new bookshelf.  Everything looks really great. No more displaced toilets in the bedroom or bathtubs. (Pics and post to come soon).

The other thing that we spent some time on this weekend was assembling a new grill.  When she was here last year, The Beloved’s mom (MOMPAT) noticed that my long-serving grill was looking a little long in the tooth and suggested that as a Christmas present she would get us a new one – a great idea.

Old war-horse

And even though you can grill year round here in San Diego, like everywhere else, grills don’t really go on sale until the Spring. We’d gotten one right before we went to Sacramento last weekend and so this Saturday, we put our new Char-Broil RED together.

Some Assembly Required

Now the assembly instructions suggest that it can be done in about 30 minutes. Well, two chemistry PhDs and 100 minutes later, we were all set.  (The assembly wasn’t really difficult, it just took some time to remove and sort all the parts from their packaging and occasional Cirque du Soleil-esque contortions to get some. of. the. damn. screws. in…)

All done!

The new grill worked great and got super HOT (in <15 minutes it was over 500 F).  That evening, we were able to sear-grill a great steak in about 4 minutes per side (and that was a little more medium than I was shooting for…) — I’m going to need a stopwatch to get the timing right!  I’m very excited to get to know its ins and outs this year. Thanks, MOMPAT!!

Ready For Action

Of course, me being me, I’m a little sentimental about seeing the old grill (coincidentally, also a Char-Broil) go off to that great Backyard in the Sky.

Well done

It’s served me well for a decade – this weekend I’ll put it up on Craigslist for free.  Maybe some college student will want to give it a fresh start!


24 thoughts on “The Grills of Summer

    • MT — you’d be surprised at how many super-fancy grills there were, with pricetags getting close to and INTO the four digits. This one was easily one of the simpler ones!

  1. love getting a new grill! But I always have it put together and delivered – my days of (mis)assembling a grill are long gone. And I grill year ’round here in Boston, so I should hope you grill year ’round there :)

  2. Ooh, shiny! Nice gift. But….no Cirque contortion photos? Hmmm? ;)

    “even though you can grill year round here in San Diego”


  3. Nice! Our grill looks a lot like your old one. Same brand and everything. We keep talking about getting a new one, but we’re too cheap. Dan figured out that we can replace the burner for $30 so we’re doing that. One day we’ll get something fancy, but we really want a new deck!

    Enjoy it! Grilling out is so much fun. It’s one of my favorite things about Spring and Summer here (since we are not as lucky as you Californians).

    • Bookish — yeah, if it wasn’t a present, I probably would have held onto this one for a while longer — I’d replaced the flame guards a couple of times and like would have had to replace the burners.

  4. Two chemistry PhDs must have been more skilled than the MA in English and the PhD in mathematics and finance who tried to put together a TV stand ordered from a company online. There were 200 pieces of hardware in the kit, and 70 pieces to assemble. I know a thing or two about assembly work since my father was an auto mechanic, but the PhD in math completely forgot he had an electric screwdriver and powerdrill combo, which would have made our work a lot easier. It didn’t help that the MA in social work kept running around us screaming, “You have NO idea what you’re doing! Whose idea was it to order this?” (I was just being a helpful houseguest, by the way. It wasn’t my TV stand or my idea to buy it online.)

    We had our project 2/3rds assembled after about three hours, and the stand still rocked ominously on its four wooden feet. The PhD in math was testy afterwards, since he was used to calculating results. I’d read existential literature in grad school however, so I was used to futile struggles for order and stability. :D

    • HG — good story! :) We also assembled a large IKEA bookshelf which seemed to go together surprisingly easily. Maybe we’d gotten “in the zone” with the grill… ;)

  5. Very nice indeed. We’ve got one like it and use it all year round, including having to brush the eight inches of snow off it to put on some steaks. LOL

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