30 DoB Day 15: Favorite Male Character

Look at that – over a month and a half in and I’ve reached the halfway point of the 30 Days of Books.  Yay me.  Good thing I’m not writing these on a deadline.  Sheesh.

Next installment:

Day 15 – Favorite male character

Lots of possible selections come to mind.  I could easily pick Day 03’s Bernie Gunther – the hard-boiled, wise-cracking detective who navigates pre- and post-war Germany while trying to keep his head on his shoulders.

I think when I was younger I would have chosen Mhoram from Stephen R. Donaldson’s first Thomas Covenant trilogy. Wise, but by no means perfect, Mhoram represented the “better self” that Covenant could have aspired to if he’d have accepted The Land and let go of his own self-loathing.

Atticus Finch

I think today though, I choose Atticus Finch from To Kill A Mockingbird – a fair-minded man who did what was he knew was right despite considerable social pressure to “go with the crowd”.  He’s a good parent without being indulgent.  Finch is smart without being condescending.  And perhaps more important than being erudite, he’s empathetic – admonishing his kids (and everyone else in town) to approach a situation while looking at another’s viewpoint.  Maybe in this celebrity-obsessed and dumb-downed society, I want to see more people value intelligence, grace, open-mindedness and compassion.


20 thoughts on “30 DoB Day 15: Favorite Male Character

  1. I have decided, should I ever have a son, I will name him Atticus. I came to the book late in life (about 2 yrs ago) but have loved it, and him ever since. Good choice.

    • Thanks gingersister — yes, I read this book just a few years ago too — for some reason never having it in school or college and then sort of forgetting it. So glad that I read it.

  2. Good choice! Atticus Finch was the father I always wished I had: wise, principled, quiet, well-read, with a backbone of steel. He has a multitude of talents, but he keeps them all hidden until he needs to use them, as in the scene when he shoots the rabid dog. And yet, he is so endearingly human. The closing scene in the novel, where he is sitting, looking after Jem following the attack, made me sigh aloud.

    • Thanks HG — sad that there don’t seem to be a lot of people emulating Finch today. Though maybe there are — b/c I doubt they’d seek the spotlight.

  3. Amen.
    I’d have to pick Stu Redman from “The Stand” as my hero. If he and Atticus aren’t cut from the same cloth, they at least have the same tailor.

  4. Three cheers for that. I think extremism and reality culture has left us bored with anything that’s not loud, obnoxioius and boorish. Time to go back to integrity and good values.

    • I like to think that we “shared” a choice. At least, Sister Cephas taught me that sharing was better than stealing. Or do you want to say she was wrong about that, too??? :)

  5. Ah, Atticus — a true hero. He’s certainly among the most admirable literary characters I’ve come across. He’s also a very nearly complete Man in character — strong but serving the weak, noble but humble, well-read but not snobbish, courteous but honest and direct, and loving all of mercy, grace, and justice. I agree, the world needs more folks like him.

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