Friday Happy Hour: World Cocktail Day

Since today is World Cocktail Day, we thought we really ought to go international during happy hour tonight…

World Cocktail Day

Left: Singapore Sling (recipe) (note: I like these “up” as opposed to on the rocks in a collins glass)

Right: Cochabamba Taxi (recipe)

Here’s to it!


14 thoughts on “Friday Happy Hour: World Cocktail Day

  1. World cocktail day? I had no idea.

    Remind me sometime to dig out the name and recipe for the drink I had at the Raffles in Singapore. I liked it better than the Sling and someone famous drank it… I can’t remember who. Must have been a very good cocktail!

  2. Singapore Sling with no ice? Do you chill it in the fridge beforehand then, or do you put ice in the shaker, then pour it off?

    It’s gotten surprisingly cold here today, so iced cocktails aren’t in the forecast. But I could go for Singapore-like weather now. *sigh*

    • HG — yes, all the ingredients are mixed and then shaken with ice and strained into the cocktail glass, so it’s cold. Speaking of cold, it’s come on down here too, so I’m thinking whiskey drinks are a good warm-up.

  3. isn’t every friday world cocktail day? I have not had a Singapore Sling in years… I might just have to order one next time I celebrate world cocktail day.

    • Aloneagain — it’s a great drink. I came across it in a list of the 100 most influential cocktails of the last 100 years — and I thought “Does anyone really drink these?” — I actually prefer it up instead of on the rocks in a collins glass.

  4. Singapore Sling is one of my all-time favourites – hard to get it just right, and most places don’t seem to, but if you can it’s just spectacular. BTW, you’ve inspired me to start fixing myself more cocktails (instead of just throwing together vodka and Sprite and glugging it down). I was at a fancy restaurant the other night and ordered Limoncello in your honour – finding it on the menu reminded me of a great post you did on how to make it.

    • LC — Good for you!! I think a great-tasting cocktail can be an integral part of a dining experience. It’s like a course unto itself! Did you like the limoncello? Our stock is finally dwindling down — and we’re trying to decide whether to make more or make some orange-cello.

  5. Missed World Cocktail Day but I am trying my hand at a Rose Gimlet today. Making my own rose simple syrup for the gimlet and rose infused vodka just for fun.

    Is it awful that I had these wonderfully fragrant roses blooming that I never noticed and my first thought was I need to figure out how to work these into a cocktail? ;)

    • Janie — we might make rose-syrup, but The Beloved isn’t getting any roses this spring because of varmint(s). She is very close to the precipice of turning into Crazy Varmint Hunting Lady.

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