30 DoB Day 17: Favorite Quote

Look at me – I’m on fire!  Two 30 Days of Books posts in as many days!

Day 17 – Favorite quote from your favorite book

Now, I haven’t figured out what my favorite book is yet, because that’s the question for Day 30 and I’m not into spoilers.  What I will give you though is a one of my very favorite quotes from any book:

He sat down on a grassy bank and looked at the city that surrounded him, and thought, one day he would have to go home.  And one day he would have to make a home to go back to.  He wondered whether home was a thing that happened to a place after a while, or if it was something that you found in the end, if you simply walked and waited and willed it long enough. – Neil Gaiman, American Gods

I’d read that book at a time in my life when I was feeling pretty unmoored and it really struck me and has stayed with me.


10 thoughts on “30 DoB Day 17: Favorite Quote

  1. I’ll toss a quote at you that I picked up today from an article talking about the “enhanced” techniques used on our prisoners. It’s not cheery but it really made me think today! (you may’ve seen it on my FB)

    “‘How does one man assert his power over another, Winston?’

    Winston thought.

    ‘By making him suffer,’ he said.

    ‘Exactly. By making him suffer. Obedience is not enough. Unless he is suffering, how can you be sure that he is obeying your will and not his own?'” ~Orwell, 1984

  2. Agh, I gave away my copy of American Gods so I can’t check for the quote, darn it. But it is interesting: I read the book back when I was struggling to decide if I should move to California or not. It wasn’t as if I was that attached to my life in the Midwest, but it was so comfy and familiar, and California was a huge unknown variable. Gaiman is the sort of author who likes to push you into the unknown however, and I think he got me to think, ‘why not?’ Though I think now, establishing a real home lies somewhere between those two concepts of “happened” and “found.”

    • HG — it’s interesting to think back about that time now that I have a home that I love — something I didn’t have then. In some ways, that passage gave me hope about the future and that even if I was unmoored, I could still find some peace.

  3. Good quote! I’ve always been quite rooted in my home (been in the same town my whole life – walked almost the entire length and breadth of it on foot over the years), so I’ve never come up against that feeling of having to find “Home”. Should I ever be forced to move though… well, I’ll re-read it then and see how my outlook’s changed!

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