Rise and Shine

Time to get moving this morning!!



13 thoughts on “Rise and Shine

  1. Ew. I hate those things. At our old house I accidently stepped on one on the deck. Barefoot. Ew, but tasty with garlic, butter and cheese…

    • I think he (she? I didn’t look) was particularly happy — being all hydrated like he was. Though I was a little worried about how exposed he was to potential avian predators.

  2. I spent an month in Vietnam a few years ago. We were invited to a dinner party where the host went out to the garden and plucked up snails for dinner. Urgle. That dish was served with fertilized eggs—which included crunchy embryos). So, you’ll pardon me while I go hurl. . .

    • My Vietnamese friends have discussed the partially fertilized duck eggs — fortunately, I’ve never been asked to partake. Snails I can do — with the proper preparation.

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