Blogshorts, Day 01

How Long Are Those Blogshorts?

“Thirty days,” she said.

“I suppose…” he replied. He knew that Post-a-day had fizzled and the Month of Books Meme had stalled badly around Day 17.

“Ahhhh…what the hell…”


Blogdramedy has challenged those of us that think about short fiction to think about really short fiction during June.  Blogshorts: 30 stories, 30 days, 30 words.  That is, one 30-word story per day.

These’ll make drabbles seem like War and Peace.  It will be fun to see if I can get something to have any punch with so few words.


11 thoughts on “Blogshorts, Day 01

  1. Drabbles. FTW. :)

    I like the inclusion of dialog. In a 30-word story that is downright decadent. I’m looking forward to trying that myself. Someday.

    You’re off to a good start!

  2. Hee! I love to see you guys at work. You notice, however, that I simply enjoy the Dribbles and the Drabbles. My brain is too lazy to join in. :P

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