Boys Will Be Boys

Over the weekend, we took a trip to the Wild Animal Park – I’m sorry, the newly rechristened San Diego Zoo Safari Park, whatever – to enjoy some sunshine, stretch our legs and see some animals.

The WAP is a great place to walk around and it seems like they’ve made a lot of improvements in the area – but you can’t be afraid to walk or climb inclines.

As usual, there were lots of interesting things to see, but one animal encounter stands out in my memory.  The WAP has a great collection of elephants (many rescued from war-torn areas in Africa) – and I mean, who doesn’t want to see elephants?

Big Man in Enclosure

Anyway, at one point, Big Daddy elephant trots over to the people at the viewing deck – and I don’t think this was an accident – unleashed an impressive urine gusher and dropped a load right there.  Now that’s all fine and good – the viewing deck is near a corner of the large enclosure.

If You're Into That Sort of Thing

Shortly thereafter, the littlest elephant – also a male – trots up, and … and … is he doing what I think he’s doing?!?!?

Circle of Life

Naturally, this was met with all sorts of “EWWWWWWW!!!”s from the children watching.  And we weren’t even prepared for the reveling that the little guy took in – errr – applying his new cologne.

What's That Kid Doing?


Rollin' in it


Every Inch of Me!

I guess he just wanted to smell like The Big Guy.


18 thoughts on “Boys Will Be Boys

  1. That last photo is a keeper. OMG. That’s hilarious. And I was just whining about them being made to stand up on hind legs…it looks like if there’s alpha male poo about, they’ll stand on their HEADS in it by choice.

  2. One of my dogs LOVES to do this. Her preference is bird poop or dead birds, but she’ll accept poop of any kind.

    • ilostellis — our old dog was fond of rolling in things, too — Penny hasn’t shown much of a preference for rolling in things, though she does like to eat poop that she finds sometimes… :-/

  3. …This was an unfortunate post to read while I’m eating animal crackers at work. (Also, struggling not to lol over here, lest I have to explain to my coworkers what I’m laughing at.)

  4. I am going to bookmark this post and send it off to the next “news organization” that wants to tell me how intelligent elephants are.

    And then, of course, I’ll remember that a hyper-intelligent human child (me) used to run around the yard behind his father begging to be allowed to push the lawn mower … and I’ll decide not to hit ‘send.’

  5. That is the funniest thing EVAR!
    I mean…come ON! Dignified intelligent wise-looking elephants? Rolling in poo???

    Silly silly little ele-kid! Hahahaha.

    • Fortunately, there was no real odor — I’m not sure it’s digested enough to really make a super odor, but you know, let’s stop talking about that.

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