Three Little Pigs

A poop-bathing pachyderm wasn’t the only thing to see at the Wild Animal Park last weekend.  We also spent some quality time pig-watching.

Taste Like Bacon

Before the baby elephant did his thing, we were sure this Red River Hog piglet was going to be the star of the day.


This warthog enjoyed a lazy afternoon in the mudhole. I mean, who wouldn’t?


Of course. with the piglet all I could think of was the pig in the Geico commercial


13 thoughts on “Three Little Pigs

  1. I have a t-shirt that says “Bacon Had a Mother!” (Yes, I got it from a vegan clothing store in Portland. Where else?) But pigs supposedly have more intelligence than a dog or cat: not that I want a pig for a house pet, however cute.

    I like the top photo of mama and baby warthog. Mama looks blissful. Or maybe she’s just worn out from chasing the little porklet.

    • HG — I’ve read from several places that pigs are supposed to be really smart, but they aren’t cuddly, so they’re still okay to be eaten. Of course, if you read Oryx & Crake, you might never want to run across a pig again.

  2. That little piglet was darn cute. Growing up on a farm with horses, cows, chickens and pigs the pigs were the first to find a way out of their enclosure and the hardest to catch and put back in. The cows were docile, some horses smarter than others and chickens? Not so much going on in there.

    Mr. Warthog looks like he is completely enjoying himself .. and why ever not? Cheers! MJ

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