7 thoughts on “Blogshorts, Day 06

  1. Nice. Not too sure anyone would make me forget wailing babies that quickly, but I remember a long bus ride (yes … bus) that – after the fact – was way worth all the aggravation.

      • Nowadays they have movies, back then they didn’t. And the bus ride itself was not as bad as the 10-hour layover in OKC waiting for the bus south. If my family had answered their damned phone they could have driven there, picked me up, and had me home in less than 5 …

  2. I took a train (seriously) with my kids to see my fiance a few years back – what could have been a ten hour drive ended up being a 24 hour train ride. Guy next to me took off his shoes. Seeing my fiance didn’t erase the memory of the stinky feet. Nice story though. I just read through your blog shorts – very well done.

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