30 DoB, Day 20: Favorite Romance

Hey, remember the 30 Days of Books meme that I was participating in?  Yeah, me neither.

Next up: Day 20: Favorite Romance Book

Romance?  Romance?  Hrmmm… if you’ve spent any time reading about the books I review and discuss, you can tell that romances aren’t very high on my list.

You’ll have to ask The Beloved if I qualify as a romantic guy…  I think so – though I surely don’t think of myself as a romance novel sort of romantic guy.  It’s been many years since I might have tried to sport a Fabio-esque hairdo and being so pale, it’s a bad idea for me to run around bare-chested.

However, I’d like to think that under the proper circumstances I’d be able to buckle a pretty good swash, which is a roundabout way for a lead-in to my choice: The Princess Bride by William Goldman.

The Princess Bride

Ahhh Buttercup, Westley, Humperdink, Inigo and all of them.  The book is smart, funny and truly endearing. Where else is there a better example of finding true love? True. Love.


12 thoughts on “30 DoB, Day 20: Favorite Romance

  1. The Princess Bride is a wonderful novel, but Steve, it’s supposed to be a satire on swashbucklers and romances! Goldman plays so many tricks on the sincere reader, this Cynical Reader lost all trust in the author. She also had a rollicking good time! But true romance it’s not!

  2. LOVED this book! I especially love the silliness of Golding writing his own abridged book. I would just giggle when I read the things he “cut out”. Genius. Considering I loved this more than the movie, and the movie is in my top 10, I would say it’s pretty good. ;) good choice!

  3. Great choice! I did this 30 Day meme last month, and The Princess Bride was among my choices for favorite film turned into a book. Both are fantastically fun, although an argument can be made for the superiority of the movie (more streamlined, less self-indulgent trickery on the part of Goldman).

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