Blogshorts, Day 12


The sun shone brightly, warming him though reach of the waves kept the sand cool. Others were out there, calling him, beckoning him, having fun.


“No frickin’ chance!” he decided.

This is part of  Blogshorts: 30 stories, 30 days, 30 words.


9 thoughts on “Blogshorts, Day 12

  1. You know, I saw something on the news last week about a “Dog Surfing” (dogs doing the surfing … not surfing on dogs) competition in San Diego, and I thought, “I wonder if Steve took Penny?”

    • That would require that I like to surf and/or swim — I’m not that much into either. Surfing seems like a LOT of effort for very little action. I think it’s a way just for people to get away others and sit on a board in the ocean. Until this year, Penny treated the ocean like it was made of acid — so, I don’t think she’s quite up to “surf dog” just yet… :)

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