Take Your Dog

Today is Take Your Dog To Work Day which you’d think would be a perfect time to bring Penny into the lab, but she’s busy doing hostess duties for her best friend Roxy who is staying with us for a couple weeks while her folks are on vacation.

But not wanting to miss a chance to participate, we decided that having her come in a couple days earlier would still be a good thing.

Now actually, Penny’s an old hand at coming to work, though she hasn’t been to our new lab that we moved into in May all that often now that our upstairs renovations are done.  No time like the present, I say.

Are we going somewhere?

As usual, there was a bit of skepticism when the morning routine began to take a different turn.  I wonder where she gets that from?

Along for the ride

Of course there’s always a lot of excitement for taking a car ride!

Matches the decor

Penny’s pretty well set up at the lab with her own bed, blanket and toys all ready.

You are going to share, right?

Of course, scientists love donuts and since Penny was being a scientist dog I think she felt that she should participate as well.

Checking things out


Balancing act

She’s pretty easy in the lab, sometimes following me around, sometimes just chilling on her bed.  Sometimes she likes to check out what all the shiny stuff is.  I can imagine the lab holds a lot of new smells for a pointer snout.

Penny’s a great companion in the lab and really helps break up the day.  And when the hour gets late, she knows when it’s time to go.

Time to go

Obviously, we’re not going to wait another year to do this again!


17 thoughts on “Take Your Dog

  1. I realize I should praise Penny for being a good dog, but I am somehow a bit shocked at how sciencey your lab is. Beakers and everything! Helps complete the Crazy Mad Scientist Steve Betz image I have of you.

  2. I was going to post this as a BlogShort, but decided to do it here instead.

    It was “Bring Your Dog To Work Day,” but it quickly became apparent that Penny was the more popular of the two. Dr. Betz began to regret his decision immediately.

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