6:00: The guest room alarm buzzes. I roll out of bed and stretch. Clear California skies are brightening outside the window.

6:30: I dress in quiet – we have stopped talking in the mornings and the closed master bedroom door speaks volumes. This has to end, I think, resigned.

6:45: I leave the CD from yesterday playing for the short drive. I force a smile on my face when I enter the office and see my friend, “Good morning!” I say more cheerfully than I feel. Utter incomprehension passes across her face – her pale face – and she says, “You haven’t heard?”


13 thoughts on “Tuesday

  1. Okay, I get it now. But now I want to know the end – not the 9-11-01 part that I already know, but your personal story part, if that’s not too much to ask. Are you going to finish it?

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