Front Page Penny

It’s been a couple of good months for Penny’s Publicity Officer.

Today there is an article in our local San Diego paper (SD Union Tribune) which ran a story about our company and one of the programs that we’re working on. I don’t usually go into work stuff here, but since Penny’s in the pictures, I thought I’d link to it. It’ll give you a little sense of what else I spend my day doing, when I’m not writing blog posts.

Normal Work Routine

And in July and August, she participated in the Dog Days of Summer Photo contest also held by the UT. I submitted this picture of her at dog beach in Del Mar (which was taken in February, but hey, it felt like summer that day…).

Editor's Favorite!

Thanks everyone that voted for her during that contest – I really appreciated it. And though she didn’t win for most votes – in which it was implied that the top vote-getters had worked out some sort of automated voting strategy – she was included as one of the Editor’s Favorites. As an amateur photographer, that makes me pretty pleased.

Somebody might have to get a couple of extra treats today.


37 thoughts on “Front Page Penny

  1. What a wonderful picture of Penny at work with you! I had no idea she was that tall or that her chest was that wide! I bet the person that took that picture was delighted with the result, as you look just fine with Penny “sharing” in your day and she looks like she is studying your computer!

    The beach picture is a winner, that is for sure. I love that she is in motion but your picture is crystal clear. Her tongue hanging out makes the picture! Editor’s Favorite is high praise indeed. On the voting page, did they not have that thing where you have to type in some crazy letter and numbers that they show, that are slanted or hard to read? We usually do because that makes if very difficult to have a computer continue to vote for an entry. I still say you got the best award!
    Congratulations. Thanks for the work link. I think it is interesting to know and see where people work.

    Make sure Penny stays safe. She has had a lot of publicity and sometimes that puts in a person’s mind to come and take her. I am sure you have her locked up safely while you are away. Just thought I would mention that.

    • FS — Penny chest is deep, but it’s not very wide. She’s still a two-dimensional dog.

      And no, the contest didn’t have one of those verification systems, which is why I think it was easy to break.

  2. That is an amazing story about your company getting the grant. I sure hope that the drugs comes to the market because I find it difficult to leave a puppy overnight for the surgery and then the stitches. A pill would be delightful! Good luck on that venture.

  3. will the drug work on geckos and pythons? It would be awesome to steralize your animal by putting a little something into their food.

    I warn you, Steve; “Nature always finds a way!” I am sure you know what movie that is.

    • “Life finds a way…” :)

      There might be some species selectivity between reptiles and mammals, I’m not sure — we’ve never looked at it. Though the Foundation wants this to be an injectible (not orally-available) so that nothing auto-sterilizes by accidentally eating it…

  4. Wow, who does her PR? On a side note, fascinating work! It sounds like it has tremendous commercial promise… not to mention how many pets and pet owners would be happy!

  5. Wonderful to know that Penny won the Editor’s Favourite award! Congratulations Penny! Loved the picture of Penny in the beach! I also enjoyed reading the article about your company. You are doing some amazing work!

  6. You forgot about Cori’s local win with the cell phone photo of Penny! I do think she’s probably overexposed; we’ll have to be vigilant to keep her from crashing like Brittany, shaving her spots and hanging out with thugs and terrier-ists (great pun, @tomzone)!

  7. Penny should be promoted to PR chief of your company, with compensation befitting her star status! In fact, she appears to be shaking you down for a raise in that first photo. “Real steak, got it? Not that phony crap they try to pass on dogs that don’t know better!” :D

  8. I voted. It’s obvious Penny should have won!

    Good luck with the grant. I’m the Business/Grants Librarian so I spend a lot of time teaching classes on looking for grants and helping people find them. Since the downturn, public usage of these services has increased considerably. I like to hear about people who are successful in finding funding this way. I’m sure Penny was helpful in your proposal writing process. :)

    • BF — I think Penny should have won too, though some of those other Editor’s Pick photos are really good.

      It’s interesting that the bad economy has made businesses like ours look in previously unexplored ways for funding and a leg up. Thank goodness people love their pets!

  9. What’s really cool about that picture is that you got down on Penny’s level. Many photographers forget that simple tip, esp. when taking pictures of kids and pets. We always see pictures looming from above. It really adds a personal touch to get down low and take a picture looking them in the eye. Great shot!

  10. Must point out that while Steve looks totally distracted at the office, Penny is intently focused on that computer screen. Just saying . . .

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