Bird House

I’ve been under the weather for the past couple of days, which means a lot of tea, streaming Netflix, and hanging with the nurse-dog Penny.

Earlier, I was checking my email, when I heard a commotion in the other room. Yep. Bird in the house.


Penny’s usually more interested in bunnies, but she is a bird-dog afterall. I broke out the broom and shuffled this one out into the backyard, where Penny made it clear that she should take her feathers elsewhere.

Watching Carefully

Crisis averted. Back to streaming Netflix.


10 thoughts on “Bird House

  1. Awwww.
    My son’s dog, Leo, is part golden retriever and part coonhound. If you say “Bug!” he goes on the alert, head up to the ceiling, just like Penny!
    I hope you feel better sooN!

  2. I once had a Dalmation that could catch flies on the wing, and viewed this as part of his civic duties. Amazingly, he would chase the thing from room to room until he had it. All the time, with the same furrowed brow Penny is displaying here.

    • Penny got stung by a bee on her first weekend with us (complete with weekend giant swelling pet-ER visit) — since then, she’s very happy to take them out — and dead bees are the only things she rolls in.

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