Welcome Autumn Happy Hour: The Clove-Scented Sidecar

One of the really tragic #firstworldproblems that goes along with getting the flu is that it keeps you from having Happy Hour – just that very thought is making my head hurt.

Fortunately, I’m back to (almost) 100% and it’s time for the first happy hour of autumn. Emailing with a friend today, we recalled last fall’s go-to drink, The Clove-Scented Sidecar – and when I tried to find my post about it, I couldn’t find it, because it didn’t exist (apparently, I was too busy drinking them…). What an oversight!

Never fear, tonight we’re on the job.

The Clove-Scented Sidecar

First off, prepare a mixture of sugar and ground cloves to rim your cocktail glass. Depending on how clovey you want to be, but I think a ratio of about 6:1 is pretty tasty. (Note: save this in an airtight storage container, you can use it for a long time and it lowers the activation energy to making this great cocktail.)

Cut up half an orange and half a lemon into chunks. Use one of the lemon chunks to wet the rim of the cocktail glass and dip the glass into the sugar/clove mix.

Put the chunks in a shaker with a 1 tbsp of sugar and muddle them into oblivion. Okay, maybe not oblivion, but get all the goodness out. Add 2.5 oz of bourbon (you can adjust up or down, or go crazy and use rye or whiskey) and fill with ice. Shake heartily.

Strain the goods into your rimmed cocktail glass and garnish with a couple of whole cloves.

Clove Scented Sidecar

The weather completely cooperated today – ushering out a 90-degree-plus Santa Ana and bringing in a cool, cloudy evening. Perfect for a great autumnal drink!


13 thoughts on “Welcome Autumn Happy Hour: The Clove-Scented Sidecar

  1. After the dog attack last night – see my post – I could use one of those! No dog park or Animal Keeper for Max – hope Penny is well and sober.
    Yes, it was HOT, HOT, HOT – but looks like things are back to normal – rain drops would be nice.

    • One of the latest trends in drinks has been to add savory flavors — some work, some don’t. There’s a great rye, pear nectar cocktail that gets a dusting of nutmeg. Perfect for the Holidays! :)

  2. This actually sounds delicious. I like bourbon cocktails. But can it be ordered in public? I don’t wish to look like James Bond’s great-granddaddy. :)

    “I’ll take a sidecar, old chap! Jolly good and all that. Alright then, hip hip cheerio!”

    I read the comments. You are a font of cocktail wisdom. I shall stick with you.

    • Shout — I don’t think most bartenders would know this drink, it was published in a magazine (Sunset or Imbibe, I don’t remember) and I’m not sure whether it’s in a typical lexicon. Also, I don’t know how many bars are going to carry clove-sugar mixes.

      Actually, my go-to tests for a bar to see if they earn their chops are a Sidecar (the original is brandy based) or a Sazerac.

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