BlogFestivus, Day One: It Begins

Remember back in the summer, when Blogdramedy challenged all comers to do Blogshorts, which had a goal of writing 30 short stories of 30 words each day for a whole month?

Well, the jolly, besunglassed elf is back in December with BlogFestivus – another challenge to write 12 stories based on the verses of the Twelve Days of Christmas, with each story 12 144 words in length. And for some reason, a couple of weeks ago, it seemed like a good idea.

It Begins

I’m so not ready for this, he thought as he stopped and contorted himself to try and reach THAT SPOT on his back where the Douglas fir needles had settled underneath his sweater while he was wrestling the tree from the car into the living room. He grimaced and knew those tiny daggers of chlorophyll had to be serrated and were starting what was sure to be a calamine-lotion-requiring-rash. The tree itself now canted at a disturbing angle, with the angel leaning towards the window as if it was about to attempt escape.

She must have sensed his rising frustration and greeted him with a perfectly made, icy-cold Pear Sling: rye, pear nectar and lemon, served up and dusted with a little nutmeg.

Christmas Spirit

Wait – was that the first inkling of Christmas Spirit he felt? Maybe this would all turn out okay after all.


22 thoughts on “BlogFestivus, Day One: It Begins

  1. “And for some reason, a couple of weeks ago, it seemed like a good idea.” Hahahahaha!

    Well, I am looking forward to these 12 days of 144-word posts. You have a way of saying so much in so few words. I don’t have that gift. I talk too much – I write too much – and … well, see, there I go.

    That drink sounds divine. Cheers!

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