BlogFestivus, Day Seven: Schloss

Blogfestivus is a creative writing challenge issued by that tricksy elf Blogdramedy. Twelve days of 144-word stories based on the popular “Twelve Days of Christmas” song. Day Seven is “seven swans a swimming”.


The cold Munich night had bloomed into a bright Christmas Eve day. The clear skies brought people to Nymphenburg to walk along its broad, graveled paths. Bundled families discussed the upcoming holiday, runners burned some calories, and young couples strolled arm in arm.

“You’d think they’d find someplace warmer,” Petra observed, gesturing at the massive swans that plied the water in the reflecting pool.

“Perhaps,” suggested Matthias, “but I think they get fed too many treats to want to leave.”

Swans at Nymphenburg

“Did you bring any special treats today?” she asked feigning innocence, having seen him stash a small box in his coat pocket. She’d realized he’d ask her at Christmastime, he was so sentimental.

“Perhaps…” he lingered over the word this time, finally bringing the box into the light.

She blinked into the winter sun, but it wasn’t the cold that brought tears to her eyes.

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