BlogFestivus, Day Nine: Backstage

Blogfestivus is a creative writing challenge issued by that wily elf Blogdramedy. Twelve days of 144-word stories based on the popular “Twelve Days of Christmas” song. Day Nine is “Nine Ladies Dancing”.


She stood backstage, waiting for her turn to go on. The stage manager flashed her a peace sign – two minutes. Claire glanced out, a pretty good crowd for Christmas week.

A memory rushed into her – she was a child, standing backstage, so giddy with excitement she thought she’d be sick. Claire and her eight classmates were about to begin her ballet school’s production of The Nutcracker. The Tchaikovsky overture swelled and they were onstage – so nervous she almost tripped! But soon they were twirling and gliding effortlessly. Even stern Ms. Babbidge was happy. It was magical, and she knew from that moment all she wanted was to be a dancer.

The PA interrupted her reverie:

“Gentlemen! Let’s here a huge Club Jaguar welcome for sexy Cinnamon!”

As always, they erupted in hoots and whistles as the spotlight found her.

She never got nervous anymore.


20 thoughts on “BlogFestivus, Day Nine: Backstage

  1. Bwahahaha. I don’t know whether to be saddened by this persons fall into the seedy world of pole dancing, or be glad they found an exciting career that fulfills their desires. Empathy or jealousy…

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