BlogFestivus, Day Eleven: On The Job

Blogfestivus is a creative writing challenge issued by that brainy elf Blogdramedy. Twelve days of 144-word stories based on the popular “Twelve Days of Christmas” song. Day Eleven is “Eleven Pipers Piping”.

On The Job

“Hey, Joe – what’s been eating you?” asked his supervisor. “This plumbing for this high rise isn’t going to install itself, you know. The whole team has to get it done!” He moved away to no doubt hassle the other guys.

Joe sat heavily against the pallet of pipes to be finished. What was he supposed to tell his boss? That everything was coming apart? That his fiancée was pregnant, even though they had abstained, waiting to get married? And that she might be loopy, because she swears she didn’t ever cheat on him? Or that her crazy, pregnant cousin is in town driving him nuts?

Maybe the only thing that made him feel better was last night’s dream. In it, he really felt like he and Maria ought to get in the car and just go back to where he grew up in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

13 thoughts on “BlogFestivus, Day Eleven: On The Job

  1. Poor, Joe!
    I used to live on Manager Avenue in Bethlehem, Georgia. It was a “blink and you’ll miss it” sized town, but every Christmas the post office would be swamped with people wanting their Christmas cards to be postmarked from Bethlehem.

  2. Sounds like someone else was laying pipe in the old homestead. Sometimes the only things that keep us sane are our dreams. Right now I’m dreaming about the rather large martini I’m going to have when this challenge is over. :-)

  3. I tried to cry my way out of a ticket in Bethlehem, GA – the very town Amy mentioned. Actually, the tears were real, because it was my first ticket and I knew my Dad would be pissed. I should have claimed an immaculate birth. I wonder if that would have worked.

    Well done, Steve. One more left!

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