There are a couple of days here at The Aerie starting around noon on Christmas Day when nothing happens. And I mean nothing.

After the gifts are open, we all settle in (the “all” this year, like last year, was The Beloved, her mom, Penny and me) for a few days of catching our breath, reading, napping and maybe watching a schmaltzy Christmas movie, or two.

Catching up on her reading

Even Penny has been laying low. She’d pulled something on dog beach last week and was pretty gimpy so her vet put her “on the DL” – so she’s been on puppy-Vioxx and on a “no-running” policy since then and has spent a good part of her time gnawing on new toys and sleeping in the sun.

Nap time

Yesterday, we took the Beloved’s mom to the airport so she could head home and today you can start to feel the pulse of life beginning to pick back up. Laundry is getting done, work calls and emails are being attended to, errands are getting checked off. Even Penny is beginning to make it clear that she feels that “we’ve had enough of the downtime, I need to RUN!” – and fortunately for all of us, she’s officially off the DL tomorrow.

It was a great Christmas here – happy and joyful. And it’s been a great couple days of quiet recharging, too. The New Year is right around the corner – time to get going!


12 thoughts on “Interlude

  1. Best wishes to Penny! My long-gone boy had several injuries (we didn’t mistreat him, he had a thing for catching deer: you run them head-long into a fence…however, to direct them properly, he had to plough into the fence, too–hence, injuries) that we treated with doggy-Vioxx. A few days and he’d be at it again.

    • Today was her first trip back out on the mountain and running. She seemed to come up short once favoring her leg, but otherwise seems pretty good. We’ll have to keep an eye on her and see how it goes.

  2. I enjoy the quiet of these days between Christmas and New Year’s. I don’t have to worry about shopping for anyone; there are no massive baking projects or big dinner to plan a menu for (well, there’s the Japanese New Year treats we have to cook this weekend, but that’s no biggie); and since a number of people are out of town or on vacation still, I have an excuse to put off those phone calls and visits. It’s a perfect time for naps and reading, or just staring out the window in a pleasant daze. My one sorrow is that my children have all gone home: but I’ll have to admit, if they stayed longer we probably would have begun a quarrel or two. (Or three or four. Funny how some issues like to crop up during the holidays. :D)

    I do hope Penny has recovered by New Year’s. She’ll make sure you run off all those extra pounds from Christmas dinner. ;-)

    • HG — I think that’s it in a nutshell. I really enjoy the buildup to Christmas and our lives are not so busy that we can’t relish it — but still, there’s a little bit of mania that starts to hit those last few days because everything has to be ready BY TODAY!

      So, I think I might relish these quiet days in the wake of all that as much or more… :)

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