Friday Drabble: Two Billion and Some

drabble is a very short story of exactly 100 words. Feel free to join in and write your own drabbles on Fridays and tag them with “friday drabble” and on Twitter with the hashtag #fridaydrabble.

Two Billion and Some

One day.

The body in equilibrium. Countless thousands of molecules stream through the canals and microscopic rivulets of tissues. Each on their appointed rounds.

For two billion heartbeats, everything goes according to plan.

Whose plan?

Unnoticed, a balance shifts, becomes unequal. A protein is made and secreted and again made too much. It organizes, adheres, clots. Slowly, but inexorably, it settles into the brain’s convoluted sponge, within its fishnet of neural junctions. Filling the spaces with mass and plaque. Disruption and destruction arrive, not needing nearly so many heartbeats.

Another day.

And he doesn’t even realize that he’s forgotten her.


14 thoughts on “Friday Drabble: Two Billion and Some

  1. I am not kidding when I say, most Fridays I reflect back to the post you wrote of the man frying eggs. That story haunts me. Then – I read this post. You make something that is so painfully awful sound peaceful (the eggs post) and beautiful (this post). And, you do all of that with 100 words. Amazing.

    • Thanks so much, LD. This one definitely came from the same general idea — it’s something I think about a lot — the loss of one’s “self”. I think it’s the most tragic thing I can think of.

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