Never Break The Chain

As a scientist, I’m not predisposed to giving into superstition.*  And when you come visit our laboratory, I would invite you to ignore the Money Cat and the stolen Manger Hay.

Earlier, Lenore Diane tagged me in a chain letter post in which I am supposed to answer a couple of questions. Now, not wanting to anger the chain-letter gods (and they are dark and ominous gods) I figured I’d play along and truth be told, I was sort of casting about for a post over the last couple of days.

Playing with eternal fire

What is your favorite color, and what do you think it would taste like? My favorite color is green. Green like the money that the Money Cat and Manger Hay are going to bring into my business this year. Green will taste herbally. Probably like chartreuse, which is of course, why it’s green.

Do you sleep on your left side, right side, back or stomach? Mostly on my right side. Sometimes on my left side. Rarely on my back. Never on my stomach. Unless I have passed out. Which I can assure you has not happened in quite. some. time.

Do you floss your teeth? I do. After being berated by dentists for years, I gave in. Much like broccoli, it’s not as bad as you think it’s going to be.

Do you close the lid before flushing the toilet? Yes. I have a dog in the house.

How many times a day do you brush your teeth? Geez, what’s with the oral hygiene questions, LD? Two to three. Depending on what I had for lunch, sometimes I’ll do the at-work brush.

How many times have you brushed your hair today? If you are follicle-challenged, how many times have you rubbed your bald head? I rub my forehead when my co-workers ask for unreasonable things — like data when it was promised, or when I drop an assay plate and ruin 2-days’ work. Check that. When I do that, I don’t rub my head, I drink my whisky.

Do your feet smell? (Go ahead and check, we’ll wait.) There are no olfactory receptors in my feet, I assure you.

Do you have any Ben & Jerry’s ice cream in your freezer? May I have it? I don’t. We’ve been trying to minimize the number of desserts in the house, because you see, if they’re here, I will eat them and thus maximize my mass.

If you notice food stuck between someone’s teeth – do you make an effort to tell him/her? If not, why are you so cruel? I would definitely tell them. If it was someone I liked, I would do it discreetly. If it wasn’t, I would tell them by posting their picture on Facebook and Twitter and pointing it out to them.

What feature do you most like about me? I like that you’re not concerned about what people think about you.

Don’t you think I should be discovered, while I sit doing nothing, and become famous for my writing? Absolutely. Right after I am.

*unless it’s Superstition by Stevie Wonder, because that’s one of my favorite songs ever.


19 thoughts on “Never Break The Chain

  1. *clap* *clap* *clap* etc.
    You crack me up, Steve. Someone from my family would have responded the exact same way to the ‘do your feet smell’ question. Love it. Thanks for playing. Looks like you’ll live to see Thursday.. Sha’woo.

  2. “I would definitely tell them. If it was someone I liked, I would do it discreetly. If it wasn’t, I would tell them by posting their picture on Facebook and Twitter and pointing it out to them.”


    And you’re also correct about Mr. Wonderful.

  3. But Steve, can you rub your head and drink whiskey at the same time? :)

    I very actively ignore chain memes, LOL. If it sounds not-voluntary I tend to go into hermit mode.

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