Penny’s Big Day

It was a big day around The Aerie yesterday – Penny’s 3rd Birthday!

Big Party for Penny

We celebrated by signing up for a 5k Walk/Run to benefit one of the local animal hospitals and shelters. Lost in the fine print of the sign-up was that we were supposed to be to the starting area around 7 a.m. Who thought that was a good idea, again?

It’s okay though, because Penny was really excited. Well, she was really excited until we drove PAST Del Mar Dog Beach instead of stopping at it as usual. But she became excited again when she saw ALL THE DOGS that turned out to see her for her birthday!

The morning’s rain was kind enough to stop when we arrived, and we were joined by Penny’s friend Jaegermeister the Dachshund. Together, they surveyed their canine surroundings.


The walk itself was barely organized chaos, but Penny figured out that it was probably a bad idea to try and visit with EVERY dog that was walking and stick to the mission.




Although I suppose not every dog was walking…

Almost everyone walked

It was a fun time and we decided to come home had have cheddar biscuits with bacon and eggs and a little bacon may or may not have fallen into Penny’s mouth when no one was looking. And there might have been a special birthday treat for her.

Pup Cake!

All in all, it was a big day for the Birthday Girl.

Birthday dreams

Happy Birthday, pup!


21 thoughts on “Penny’s Big Day

  1. Hooray for Penny! Happy 3rd Birthday!
    I can’t help but laugh…when dogs are involved you can’t help but get dog butt’s in every picture! It happens here constantly! :)

  2. The best present – “a whole lot of sniffin’ goin’ on.” What’s in that PUP CAKE? Bet the bacon was relished by Penny. Helen Woodward is a great place to find a pet, been there often.

    • TB1 — the Pup Cake was actually like a regular dog meal treat, but with carrots in it. The icing I think was just icing. She licked that clean before diving into the cake part.

  3. Right … I’d be a little embarrassed for the dogs in carriages as well. “Run/Walk/’Stroll'”

    Happy B’day, Penny, from Smokey! (I won’t tell him I attached his name to this if you don’t tell her he’s a cat …)

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