Friday Drabble: Inseparable

drabble is a very short story of exactly 100 words. Feel free to join in and write your own drabbles on Fridays and tag them with “friday drabble” and on Twitter with the hashtag #fridaydrabble.



Laurie poked the remainder of her chopped salad, the lettuce-muted tap tap of fork onto plate marking the rhythm of their meal.

“…but the girls ARE only four, y’know?” Jessica finished, her gaze seeking the waiter.

Inseparable as college roommates, the women now met for lunch every month – had been doing so for years. Jess had married Billy and started raising her family. Laurie had made partner last year, but things with Scott had collapsed, leaving her single. Again.

She blinked, searching for Jess’s last thread, tried for a new topic. Drew blanks.

“Absolutely,” she answered, and forked her salad.

16 thoughts on “Friday Drabble: Inseparable

  1. Oh, sad. I’ve heard this conversation in person too many times. At one point of my life, I was babbling on about my children’s every activity. Now I space out when my friends who had children late in life natter on about soccer practice and getting Aaron onto the varsity team. In middle school! There ought to be some agreement made that friends talk about the things they share, like a love of gardening or wildlife photography. I suppose however that would be a very shallow and brief conversation.

    • HG — I was shooting for the sad ennui that sometimes gets into static relationships, which as grow older is something that I find sort of fascinating. When do you “cut bait” on a once-good friendship, or “demote” it?

      I think friendship has a lot to do about shared experiences and if you stop having those and/or being invested in the other person, the facade can’t last for long.

      • I agree.
        I have two friends who have been besties (sorry if that’s annoying) since the 6th grade.
        One moved from Michigan to Colorado and one moved to Alaska. We have kept in touch, first by actually writing letters……blaaarrrgh……and then by email. Every five to six years we get together. And every time it’s as if we had never been apart. The first time we got together it was in Seattle. The next time in Colorado and the next time in Alaska.
        This year we are gathering in Portland, Oregon, cuz the one from Alaska has moved there. I just marvel that the three of us still have this communication after all these years.

        *Miracles* (urgh…hate that term)

        • Lauri — it’s interesting how relationships can ebb and flow. I have a couple of friends that I don’t talk to regularly and each time we do, it’s like we never miss a beat. Others? Well…

  2. Amazing use of scene, Steve. I read stuff like this and I’m glad I cut ties (by happenstance) with my high school and college friends. It’s just bound to disappoint.

    • Thanks amelie — I think that there are a couple of great friends that you keep from each phase of your life, and others that fade out over time. I think the thing that has surprised me the most is that the ones that endure aren’t always the ones who you’d thought of as your “best” friend during that period.

  3. Backtracking on some that I’ve missed. This drabble speaks volumes of truth about friendships. However, I would have to add that sometimes, the disconnect comes from the self-absorbed nature of each individual. In this case, I think it’s Laurie. Why can’t Jess stop talking about the kids when I just received a promotion-separation combo? That insensitive beach! (misused word intentional. LOL!)

    • This was one of my favorite ones and the rare attempt at a scene that didn’t look for a zing at the end. I wish I could get better at these sorts of scenes.

      • Me too. If you’ll notice, I’m following the sonnet format kind of development in my drabbles where I pose a problem and attempt at a solution in the end.

        This is subtlety. This is the occurrence that is often forgotten, but in close examination reveals something heavy and sublime.

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