Album Club February Review: Making Mirrors, by Gotye

It was with a lot of interest that I started listening to February’s musical bum club selection, Gotye’s Making Mirrors. I had never heard of the artist before (I thought it was a band name…sigh), but really isn’t finding music you haven’t heard of part of the point of this club?

I think Jimmy gave a great review in which he thought that it had a real 80’s groove and I can hear that, too, but after multiple listenings, I decided that to me Gotye is sort of musical chameleon – many of the songs in this album reminded me of other artists’ music.

For example, the song Easy Way Out sounded to me like it could have been done by Rogue Wave. Smoke And Mirrors sounded like Peter Gabriel and I Feel Better had a distinctly retro Motown-y feel. And in Save Me, I coulda sworn that I was getting Rick-Rolled.

Making Mirrors

In general, I enjoyed having this album play in the background and will gladly add selections into some broader playlists. I think my favorite songs were Smoke And Mirrors and Somebody That I Used To Know. (Note: Am I supposed to know who Kimbra is? Because I don’t. Does that make me old? Un-hip? Tragically both?)

I think the only thing that keeps me from embracing the album more is that by employing so many different musical styles, I didn’t get a great “feel” for the album, or Gotye as an artist.

I’m handing out seven stevil stars.

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