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Rebecca (1940)

Last night I dreamt I went to Manderley again. So begins Alfred Hitchcock’s film and Daphne du Maurier’s novel, Rebecca. This gothic tale tells the story of the whirlwind romance of a young woman (never named) with the handsome aristocratic widower, Maxim de Winter, and his young second wife’s struggles to compete with the memory of the first Mrs. de Winter (the eponymous Rebecca).

I have never read the original novel and hadn’t seen this adaptation before, and I thought it was superb. The dialog was snappy and smart, and the new bride’s anxiety at falling short in comparison to the dazzling late Rebecca was palpable. I thought the young and beautiful Joan Fontaine reminded me a lot of Kate Winslet.

Of all the films this month, I thought this was the most “unhitchcockian” maybe because I think he played it mostly straight up. Extra…

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  1. The scene that has stuck in my mind for decades is when Joan Fontaine walks down the staircase all gussied up for a party, thinking she’ll surprise and delight her moody husband. The sweet/innocent/hopeful look on her face is heartbreaking.

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