Apparently, I saved the best for last during Hitchcock month

Flick Buddies

Steve here:

North By Northwest (1959)

Like Kelly, I will shamefully admit that I had never watched North By Northwest until this past week. And like Kelly I’ll be free to admit that this was a HUGE MISTAKE on my part.

What a film. In it, the dapper Madison Avenue executive Roger Thornhill is mistaken for undercover agent George Kaplan and before he knows it he’s mixed up in a cross-country trek involving kidnapping, murder, international spies, the heads on Mount Rushmore, and of course, romance.

Was the cast perfect? Maybe. I mean, has anyone ever been as cool and suave as Cary Grant? I doubt it. James Mason was at his breathlessly sinister best, a young Martin Landau was excellent as the creepy henchmen, and Eva Marie Saint was perfect as the beautiful (and deceptive) Eve Kendall. An aside: I couldn’t get over how much Saint reminded me of…

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  1. Well, thank the Stars you’ve performed your cinematic duty. No one should walk around the planet without the image of Martin Landau at his slimiest or Eva Marie Saint in that red dress.

  2. You never saw this one?

    This is my favorite movie of all time.

    When I went to Mount Rushmore, it took three park rangers to keep me from climbing on Lincoln’s Nose! Well, maybe I just imagined that part …

  3. Oh yeah ! What a movie. Cary Grant at his best – his lost look being mistaken for Kaplan is just so drool-worthy.
    I must have watched it 20 times so far, and chances are that there will be more.

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