Friday Flashback Drabble: Yellow

After reading through a good deal of old posts for this week’s “blogiversary” post, I thought I’d spend just a little more time reminiscing and re-post what I think is my favorite drabble. This was one from before the Vox-to-Wordpress conversion, so hopefully it’s not just a rerun for everyone.


That day, the sunflower looked down and noticed a lone dandelion in his plot.  He’d seen them before – a countless number in the fields beyond the Garden.

“You don’t belong here,” he told the dandelion.

“Why not?” the dandelion asked, “I am a yellow flower much like you.”

“Like ME?!?!” the sunflower exclaimed, incredulously. “I am the tallest, most beautiful flower and loved most of all by the Gardener.  Mark me, she will come and root you out with hand and hoe and bitter poison.”

Later, the dandelion contemplated the decapitated, dying stalk.  The Gardener had come with her shears.

15 thoughts on “Friday Flashback Drabble: Yellow

  1. Steve! How could you?! Sunflowers are my absolute favorite flower!! I’m not sure what to do now. I feel nauseous. Poor sunflower. If only he had not had such a big head, eh?

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