Halloween Drabble: Hangover

It’s been a busy week around The Aerie and around the lab and I never quite got the Halloween-themed drabble out that I was hoping for (but I still like the idea, it will find its place). So, I’m recycling one of my favorites today from a couple of years ago. I think it will be new to many of you.


“Oh man,” he croaked as he held his throbbing head in his hands. He’d really over-indulged last night and this morning he was paying the price.

He tottered to her bathroom and drank some water. Hazily, he recalled the red-haired girl’s flirting. He hadn’t really been looking for anything last night, but when she started buying shots, he just gave into those old familiar impulses.

Back in her room, he looked down at her. What was left of her. No one saw them leaving together, and he wasn’t worried that he’d left any DNA behind.

Well, no human DNA at least.



7 thoughts on “Halloween Drabble: Hangover

  1. Ye gods, Dr Betz! Kind of a morbid story, just perfect for Halloween.

    I think it would be amusing to commit a murder…well, I wouldn’t WANT to commit a murder, but if I were so inclined, I’d want to be absolutely certain my DNA didn’t get left behind. HOWEVER, just to mess with CSI types, I’d leave chicken DNA all over the body: rooster foot skin underneath the vic’s fingernails, maybe talon marks, and rooster semen, if such a thing is available for purchase (no way I’m going to harvest it myself). Have the rooster leave bloody footprints on the motel room carpet,

    OH! If you were going to be a serial killer, you could plant a different animal’s DNA at each crime scene. “THE NOAH’S ARK KILLER STRIKES AGAIN!!” Who knows where this could go? Maybe a holly bush could off someone around Christmas. Woo-hoo!

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