BlogFestivus, Day Four: Season’s Change

Thanks for coming back to this year’s BlogFestivus writing challenge. Nine stories that are supposed to take inspiration from the nine reindeer on Santa’s sleigh. Today is Day Four – Vixen.

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“You shoulda been there, Clarice,” Holly went on, drying the dishes from dinner. “Apparently, their solstice ritual celebrates the death of one year and the birth of another. Life and death intertwined.”

“And what’s that have to do with reindeer again?”

Clearly you weren’t listening. Stop looking at your damn phone. God, I could just slap you so…

“Not reindeer. A’renndur,” she said measuredly. “He’s the End of Season god. I guess sort of like Father Time, but not quite. Really he’s a Trickster, like Loki or Coyote. And he tricks the Old Year into sacrificing itself — by seducing it, really — so the New Year can start.”

“And what’s that got to do with us?”

“Nothing, sweetie.” Holly wiped off her chef’s knife, appraised her reflection in its gleaming surface. “I just think it’s a cool story. Don’t you? Herman says his mom was just saying prayers.”

“Herman?“ raised eyebrows.

Holly blushed. “The old woman’s son. Don’t you have to go finish your science project?”

She had to admit, she’d been fascinated talking to Herman. His dark eyes..

…had held her attention in a way that no man, well, no man since Nick, had really been able to. And his hands. They looked strong and nimble, just a little calloused, and she could imagine…

“Why us?” Clarise asked from the hall, collapsing Holly’s musing.

“What do you mean, ‘why us’?”

“Why’d that old lady pray at our house… and nowhere else?”


24 thoughts on “BlogFestivus, Day Four: Season’s Change

  1. This is excellent, Steve. The writing – the storyline – all of it. I quite liked, “….collapsing Holly’s musing.” I like how you used the word ‘collapsing’. Good stuff.

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