The Aerie Holiday Drink Menu, 2012

I was going to post this yesterday, but it wasn’t much of a day for celebrations.

In an effort to try and bring a little good cheer back at such a sad time, I thought I’d post this year’s Holiday Drink Menu.

One at a time...

One at a time…

Stop by for one. Or more.


12 thoughts on “The Aerie Holiday Drink Menu, 2012

  1. Steve, there’s only ten drinks listed. There are 12 Days of Christmas. I know it’s a “holiday” list of beverages but how about adding two more?

    The Resolution (for New Year)
    Reindeer Rum Punch (for BlogFestivus)


  2. Those all sound tasty and powerful. When I lived in a colder clime, there was a fake-old tavern with a fireplace. It was just before Christmas, and my parents had thrown a “(We never thought we’d see Tom’s) Graduation Party.” My best Tallahassee friend Jenny–doe-eyed, five feet tall, former figure skater–was crying since I was moving away. After my parents and all the guests had left, she and I sat next to the fireplace, and drank B&B (Benedictine & Brandy) for a few hours. She ended up hammered; I was feeling pretty damn good myself.

    So whenever it’s cold, and there’s a fire going, I crave that snifter in my hand, slowly swirling the dark amber elixir, warming it. Then sipping it slowly, savoring the warmth as it goes down, and the aftertaste of honey. As I live in the subtropics, where I go entire winters without running my heater, I don’t have this craving very often. (Which is good, because I don’t have any snifters. Oh, and I don’t drink anymore.)

    God bless the Benedictine Monks who invented Benedictine, and the wise souls who decided to mix it with good Cognac. Happy Christmas to you, The Beloved, and The Divine Miss Penny. I imagine from your menu that you’ll have plenty of holiday joy, even without the snow.

    • A very Merry Christmas to you too Tom. I think for us, the flavors of the drinks have become more important than their — ahem — relaxation-inducing properties.

      And there hasn’t been any snow to speak of, but this week, the temps in the morning WERE in the mid-30s — so it even felt pretty “seasonal” on our walks!

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