BlogFestivus, Day Nine: Seasons Change

Well, here it is, the last day of this year’s BlogFestivus writing challenge. Nine stories that are supposed to take inspiration from the nine reindeer on Santa’s sleigh. Today is Day Nine – Rudolph

Thanks so much for everyone that has read along!

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ohgod ohgod ohgod ohno ohno

They were coming, moving towards the hole. A multitude…

…there’s thousands…more…

…shambling forward on legs covered in matted fur. The A’rrendur were mishapen giants — vicious protruding horns that looked like iron, with eyes and noses that glowed like lava.

The sun’s disk touched the horizon. Her mother raised the hammer. Light danced like flames across her face.

“Mom, No!!” Clarice wailed.

“Shh.. shh… sweetie. Everything’s okay. It’s got to be this way. We can only change the world by giving up what we love most..,” her free hand caressed Clarice’s hair.

Clarice cringed, expecting the blow when a hulking mass bowled into Holly. The girl gaped as she saw the old woman grappling with her mother. She rolled, keeping her mom pinned.

The sun fell below the horizon and the hole began to waver, contract. Holly snarled, bit at the woman. With an anguished scream, she hurled the hammer toward Clarice. It and the hole disappeared with a small flash and Holly collapsed, her fury snapped.

The woman freed Clarice and the girl crawled to her unconscious mother, sobbing. The old woman held Clarice, her protections of the family and the world complete. “Okay…” was all she said.

The sun set and the following day dawned bright and cold. For most people it was the beginning of a new season, for some it was the beginning of a new year, and for a very few it was the beginning of a new Season.


19 thoughts on “BlogFestivus, Day Nine: Seasons Change

    • Thanks Amy! I tried to “hide her in plain sight” throughout without tipping off the reader too much — tough balance. There was originally an alternate ending where the A’rrendur broke through and Holly is running down the street as the world ends, but hey, even I sometimes give in for a happy ending… :)

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