The Best of The Days

Penny here.

You know how there are lots of different kinds of days? Like most days are the “Stay and Be Good” days. That’s when my people leave for the day, but I guard the house. Sure, it’s more fun when they’re around, but a dog’s gotta do her duty, you know?

Some days are the “Let’s Go To Work, Pup” days — those are pretty good, everyone’s really nice to me, though really I don’t have much work to do other than run out and scare the UPS guy. That’s pretty fun… you shoulda seen this one time, I was sure he was going to…well, maybe I shouldn’t bring that up…

The best days though are the Dog Beach days. I mean, because really, what’s better than going to dog beach? Not much, right? And the other day was the best of the Dog Beach Days because my people said it was my Birthday. What’s that? I’m not sure, but it happens once in a great while and it’s the best — because there’s always fun and treats. Oh, and I am this many.



Anyway, they sort of faked me out because we usually go to the beach in the morning and I thought it might be one of those “Lay Around The House Days” which to be honest aren’t my favorite, but this time we went in the afternoon.

Throw the bumper! Throw the bumper!

Throw the bumper! Throw the bumper!

I'm Ready!

I’m Ready!

It was a really pretty afternoon and man was I ready to run and go get the bumper. The bumper? That’s what we get at the beach! The Boy throws the bumper and I go get it! It’s so awesome. There were some other dogs there — including some No Fun Dogs* — but they didn’t bother me, I was totally on a mission.

It's so hard to wait!

It’s so hard to wait!

Going to get it!

Going to get it!

On the fly!

On the fly!



So, The Boy would throw the bumper and I would go get it. And we did that a lot of times. Enough times that I think I started to sort of forget what I was doing and then we were going back to the car. But the great thing about Birthdays is that we stopped at the Dog Treat Store, which I should say I think we could stop at a little more often, and the nice man gave me free treats because it was my birthday and my people got me other treats, including a Pupcake.

That's for me, right?

That’s for me, right?

So we get home and towel off and then it was Pupcake Time! Oh yeah! I thought maybe since I was This Many that they might get This Many Pupcakes — I mean, wouldn’t you? — but there were a lot of other treats that night, so that was pretty sweet.



And then the rest of the day? I’m not so sure. I think there was a movie watched, but I couldn’t tell you. I’m a little fuzzy on the whole rest of the night.



Tell you one thing though, I think Birthdays should come around more often!

*editor’s note: No Fun Dogs = free-roaming herding dogs


39 thoughts on “The Best of The Days

  1. Dear Penny,

    How do you feel about older men? I’m twice as many as you, but I still have a young heart and most of my teeth. Oh, and I’m a bit shorter than you, I guess, being all stubby-legged and sausagey, as we dachshunds tend to be. But I’m exactly the same colors, so we would look nice as a couple. Especially at the beach. And at the Pupcake Store. (Where I can do my irresistible Dachshund Sitting Up And Begging trick to get us extra treats.)

    Let me know if you think we have any chance of a future. I live in a place called Flory-Dah, though. Is that a long walk from your house?

    Your Ardent Admirer,
    Sir Hairy Potter (You can call me Pot-Wally, though. That’s my nick-name)

      • Dear Penny (via Steve),
        My Mom told me Caly-Fornya is a long, long walk from Flory-Dah. I got some very short legs. She says they would be shorter by the time I reached you. I knew it was too good to be true. I’ll be so sad, all alone here except for the other sausagey dog that lives here, too, but he’s a silly baby, and not nearly so enticing as you, bein’ a boy dog, and all. And the four cats, of course, but they’re…well…CATS. They’re only good for barking at. I guess I’ll just go lie down now and be miserable, all by myself. Wait. What’s that? A squirrel climbing up the porch screen? Dachshund Alert, Dachshund Alert! I got work to do!!! Life is good, after all! I…am…OUTTA HERE! Catchya later.

  2. “Oh, I am this many.” Priceless, Penny. Priceless.
    Happy birthday to you, Penny. Here’s to more beach days (and pupcakes).
    P.S. Tell your people they took great pictures.

  3. My younger daughter mentioned visiting a “dog beach” in San Diego. She said it looked so fun, she wished she had a dog to run with.

    Lucky Penny! I’m glad you had a fun day with your Humans. I hope you get showered with treats!

    • There are three dog beaches here. The one that we most usually go to is the one shown here (Del Mar). The one closest to where your daughter’s apt is is in Ocean Beach — that’s a big one. The other is down at Coronado.

  4. Hi Penny. Farfel told me to tell you, “rowrowrowmff. rrrmmph. rrr mmmarrrmf.” I think that means “happy birthday” but it could also mean “come roll in the nasty thing I found in the back yard.” Either way, We both enjoyed your pictures.

  5. Sounds like a fun birthday Penny. Birthdays are always fun..I wish there were more of them per year too.
    I hope you and your humans have a great Valentine’s too. Demand another dog-beach session and a love cake this time.

    • LG — It was a very good birthday, though afterwards we wondered if we should have had some of her dog-friends join us. And trust me, she got plenty of Valentine’s Day treats! :)

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