A Little Muscle Stretching

It was a busy second half of March here at The Aerie. Well, actually it was a bit of a crunch time at work that precipitated a bit of neglect here and elsewhere online. The good news is that things are getting back to normal so I hope to be caught up with everything soon. Can’t let these blogging muscles atrophy too much!

Let's Go!

Let’s Go!

One good thing that came through during this busy stretch was Daylight Savings Time — shifting sunset later made it easy for Penny and I to take a ramble on the chaparral practically every evening. It’s completely a win-win — she gets to run after a day of being at home and I put computers and experiments and the grid aside for just a little while stretching my own legs a bit.

Four Off The Floor!

Four Off The Floor!

It’s been a pretty transition to Spring on Mount Miramar. The grasses, which mostly grow here in the winter, have already started to go over, and we’ve had wonderful wildflower blooms.

Plenty of Yellow

Plenty of Yellow

Pretty good activity for both your brain and your muscles, I’d say.


20 thoughts on “A Little Muscle Stretching

  1. Happy Penny and lovely sights.

    We picked up broken branches this AM, sawing through big ones. Bobby thinks he’s SUCH a help!

  2. Great shots of Penny running through the grass. I’m jealous. It’s still cold here but things are starting to look up. The sun is shining today but no signs of flowers yet. Oh and I saw my first robin yesterday….a definite sign that spring is here.

  3. I appreciate your photographs more, now that I’m familiar with the geography of San Diego. It is a beautiful area, and I hope Penny realizes what a lucky dog she is to be able to run on it!

    It looks cloudy where you and Penny are. We got rain and thunderstorms earlier in the week, kind of a surprise given how dry March and February were.

    • HG — Penny seems pretty happy to run and go wherever she can get off the leash — as long as there aren’t any mean dogs around.

      It was a really pretty week here, but Friday afternoon the clouds really rolled in. Almost looked like rain for a bit. Still cloudy today actually too.

    • BD — absolutely. Though the weather this weekend took a little turn back towards winter, so I had to have a Dark-N-Stormier last night. Actually I had several.

  4. It’s such a pretty habitat you have there. And the wildflower colors! Perfect for a walk and I bet you run across some great critters (I remember one, was it an anole?)

    • amelie — we do. The large majority are bunnies and quail, plus the occasional (and less-welcome) coyote or rattlesnake. We also saw a bobcat once, which was great.

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