Chien avec la moutarde

Chien avec la moutarde


8 thoughts on “Chien avec la moutarde

  1. I was going to ask if this really said dog with mustard (I don’t speak French) whenI noticed the prtty yellow flowers appeared to be wild mustard. You clever Stevil, you! LOVELY photo. But then, look at your subject. How can you go wrong with Penny?

    • Yes — we’ve had a late mustard bloom this year (usually it’s in Mar-April) up on the chaparral. I want to find some “turn my photo into an Impressionist painting” app so I can make it look all Monet-ish. :)

      • PaintShop Pro has some great filters and plug-ins that will do it, I know, but stand-alone apps, I’m not so sure of. Good luck. It would be bee-yootiful!

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