Rachel Getting Married

When I first started writing here — nearly seven years ago — I had little idea about the topics I’d blog about. In a pre-everyone’s-on-Facebook era, I thought that it might be a good way for my family to keep up on things together. Of course, blogging and social media evolved and now I mostly blog about books, and science, and traveling, and Penny.

Back in the dayBut I was remembering this week that one of my first posts back in the Vox days was a shout-out to my niece Rachel as she prepared to go off to college. Well, it’s time to shout-out again, because this week The Beloved and I journey back to the Ancestral Betz Homeland of The Garden State for her wedding ceremony!

She came to one of my ceremonies too!

She came to one of my ceremonies too!

So, except perhaps for the “Man, I feel old” sentiments of watching someone that you held as an infant walk down the aisle, I am super-excited for her and her new life. She and her very-soon-to-be husband have good jobs, have bought a house, and are living down near Ocean City, Maryland. It’s all very exciting.

We’re also going to take the opportunity to extend our trip after the wedding so that we can drive south along I-95 to visit with friends, The Beloved’s mom, and finish up by staying with some friends in my old haunt of Chapel Hill. We’ll have internet access most of the time, but our online presence will probably be a little spotty until we get back around Independence Day.


19 thoughts on “Rachel Getting Married

  1. Steve! Is that you with the hair and the PhD hood in that old photo?

    Congratulations to your niece and her husband-to-be. (Your nephew-in-law? Is there such a term?) Looking forward to the photos and the update, though I’m assuming (sadly) that Penny won’t be on this trip. Have fun!

    • HG — YES — it is! That’s me 20 years ago last month at the end of my PhD outside the chemistry building at UNC.

      Penny will be spending an extended stay with her best friend, Roxy the Vizsla. We considered whether this could be a road trip with her, but it was just going to eat up too much time.

  2. Congrats to your niece! I had a sort-of-similar feeling recently, when I attended the high school graduation party for a cousin who I could swear I held as an infant just, like, five years ago. :-)

  3. Time flies so fast, isn’t it? Hope you have a wonderful time at the wedding. And you are meeting Kelly? :) Hope you guys have a wonderful time!

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