Blogshorts, Day 4: Dog Days of Summers

Today is Day #4 of of Blogdramedy’s Summer Writing Challenge: Blogshorts. The theme this year is the Dog Days of Summer. 10 days, 10 dogs (nine of which were famous dog-characters chosen by Blogdramedy as inspiration), each story 110 words.

Today’s dog is Fluffy, from the Harry Potter series.

Dog Days of Summers


“Welcome home!” her mother cries.

Carolyn stands near the trunk of her Chevy Nova, dufflebag in hand. Done with her junior year at State and now home for the summer.

A black dog — part Newf, part something — shoulders its way through her parents, stands on the lawn between them.

“Is that Fluffy?”

Her mom had told her about getting a new dog-

replacing Lass

-during one of their dorm-phone conversations, but she’d been distracted. Didn’t really want to talk about it.

The dog gruffs at her.

Surprised, she stares at him. Thinks, I’m a stranger to him. Finds herself blinking away unexpected tears.

“This your place now, huh?”



18 thoughts on “Blogshorts, Day 4: Dog Days of Summers

  1. [Blinks away unexpected tears]

    The dog I grew up with, our part pekinese-part fox terrier Tracy, died while my sister was away in college. She was angry with us for not telling her right away—I’d written a letter to her about the death, thinking it would be easier for her to deal with than a phone call. A year later, my parents adopted another dog, an Australian shepherd mix named Feather (for her little fluff-like tail). When my sister came home from school for the holidays, she barely acknowledged the poor puppy. I thought she was horribly cold: reading your story now, however, I realize she was still grieving for our first dog. I wonder now how much I’ve misunderstood my sister. We have nothing in common, and I admit, I sometimes feel revulsion when I see her. But we did once share a childhood, and a little black and white dog.

    Good story, Steve.

    • HG — wow, I’m always surprised when something I write can touch someone and make them think about things a little differently. And I really was shooting for that odd sense of abandonment that a teen might feel upon returning to the “nest” and finding things different — “This isn’t my house — this isn’t even my dog”.

      We never had pets growing up, but I was trying to imagine what it might be like.

    • Lily — you know, I wondered that. Penny sometimes cottons right up to someone that we know (and like) even though she’s never met them — I think it’s something in the tone of our voices.

      • Could be. I grew up with scores of dogs (several at a time, hunters) and while you had a couple that were ‘unfriendlies’ you were very careful with (this includes our watchdog who would now be put down by authorities for things that happened — I have to say, we posted it everywhere and told EVERYBODY to never EVER get out of their car unless one of us first came out and put him on a cow chain) but like 95% of them, did a lot of ‘new sniffing’ with people and made their own decisions.

        I have a thing where virtually every dog and most cats LOVE me. I’m talking about people who warn you about their animals being mean or unfriendly and without me trying, the animal curls up on me. Freaks people out. My theory is it’s because I grew up with MANY animals–easily hundreds, maybe thousands including litters of hogs and flocks of fowl. I think they can tell I’m ‘one of them.’ ;p

        This isn’t every time, though! I do not take it for granted (exactly). I’ve had a few cats that just hide and never come out (which is fine) and dogs who do NOT want me there.

  2. Nice story, Steve. I hope I get to read the next chapter of this story. Would like to know what happened between Carolyn and Fluffy.

    • Vishy — that’s an interesting question. I guess in the next story (Day 5) I don’t see her a lot older, but out on her own with her own dog. I’m sure she’s come to some sort of equilibrium with “her parents’ dog”. :)

  3. When I go to my dad’s house and find him with a new friend or a new helper guy (gardener etc.) I feel the exact same way.
    This is a beautiful story.

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