Blogshorts, Day 10: Dog Days of Summers

Dog Days of Summers


The room is not hard to find. I have a sense they say. A gift.

The space is lit dimly. Quiet. The monitors pulse their bright colors, their beepings silenced. There is no need.

I make my way to her, draw in her aroma. Close now.

My snout pries her hand from the coverlet. It reflexively curves over my head, strokes my fur. She murmurs something even I can’t hear.

So many she has comforted through their Passing. So many souls shepherded through their last breath.

She can no longer give, but now takes the comfort from our touch. Her breathing eases.

It is my gift I give to her.


Today was the last day of Blogdramedy’s Summer Writing Challenge: Blogshorts. The theme this year was the Dog Days of Summer. 10 days, 10 dogs (nine of which were famous dog-characters chosen by Blogdramedy as inspiration), each story 110 words.

Thanks for coming along on this. Of course, I probably didn’t quite play by the rules, but I had the thought about how dogs aren’t always central, but they’re so often present at moments during our lives. These stories tried to reflect that – one life, many dogs, different days of different summers.


25 thoughts on “Blogshorts, Day 10: Dog Days of Summers

  1. Beautiful, sad and poignant story, Steve. Though I read only some of the stories, I loved this series. Going back now and reading the others now.

  2. I am reading the “Dog” series for the first time so I was taken by surprise when I read the description of the fur and snout. Lol

    What a cool idea! Great short story. Very touching! :)

  3. You did a wonderful job with the entire series–beautiful writing, tough format–but with this one, you nailed your dismount. Well done!

    • Thanks Tom — I was really stumped with this challenge and then the idea sort of coalesced for me. I was pretty happy with the series — so glad you liked it!

  4. Very nice Steve. I think this shows what I suspected all along, that you have a talent for the lyrical. Also quite sad, but in a way that honors all of our beloved pets. Great.

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