Penny’s New (Work)Place

Penny here.

Wow — what a day. It had been a couple of weeks since I’d gone to work and I’d been starting to wonder about that, but this morning Steve gave me the “Let’s go, Pup!” and I was right there because I’m always ready to go. Funny thing, though, was he put my new bed in the car, too. I wasn’t sure about that, but he does a lot of things I don’t understand sometimes.

Everything went pretty normal at first, I mean the drive has a lot of stoplights, but that’s okay, because I get to look around at the sad people who don’t have dogs in their cars with them. What fun is that?

IMG_0433I knew something was up when we got to where work was and we KEPT DRIVING. I might have started to pant a little. But we didn’t go too far extra and we got out at this new place. Whoa. I was a little wary — well, I’m always a little wary — but got really happy when I saw all my work friends were at this new place too! That was pretty cool.

Hanging in the new bed

Hanging in the new bed

And then I got why the new bed came along. Apparently during this “move” someone (who shall remain nameless) forgot to bring my bed apparently. I mean really. I’d had that bed since I was a puppy. And so what if I still suckled it like a puppy now and again, right? I mean there was still plenty of stuffing left to get outta that thing.

Anyway, the new bed was pretty comfy. But I didn’t stay in it much, because there was a whole new lab to explore and this one is way bigger than that other one. Here I am checking out chemistry. Lots of interesting smells over there.

Checking out Chemistry

Checking out Chemistry

And then these dudes starting cleaning the windows on the outside. It was wild. No one seemed too upset, so I didn’t bark, but just let them try that stuff in here and I’d be all over that. I did some more rounds and I totally had this place down. Found out where the T-R-E-A-T-S had all moved to, too. Score.

What are those dudes doing?

What are those dudes doing?

Totally got this covered

Totally got this covered

My old bed might have been gone, but at least Mister Crab managed to get here. I mean, you can’t really have a work day until everyone — and I mean everyone — has had a chance to play retrieve with Mister Crab. I wonder if they play with Mister Crab on the days I’m not here.

Me and Mister Crab

Me and Mister Crab

Anybody else wanna play?

Anybody else wanna play?

In the afternoon I might have gotten a little sleepy because it seemed like I’d just laid down in my new bed (it is pretty comfy) and then Steve was saying, “Ready to go, pup?” Ready to go? I’m always ready to go!

Sort of sleepy

Sort of sleepy

All in all, I gotta say that I sort of dig this new place. Bigger, with more places to patrol. And more places to play retrieve with Mister Crab, of course. ‘Cause that’s what we working dogs do, you know.


24 thoughts on “Penny’s New (Work)Place

  1. Aw, who’s a pretty boy, then? Penny, that’s who! I’m happy you like your new work place, Penny! And if I come to see you ever, I promise to play Fetch Mr. Crab with you all afternoon. Then give you treats! Did you know one of my dachshunds is the same color you are? Lovely red and white. But he has a lot more ear, and a lot less leg. ;)

    Hugs, from Your Auntie M. In Florida!

  2. If only every workplace had a Penny to play toss the crab with! Productivity would soar, absences would plummet, and nobody would want to go home until Penny did.

    That said, I think I’m part cat. I would have a hard time not staring at the fish tank there.

    • HG — I think it’s pretty funny because everyone else seems pretty happy when she comes in. I think she lowers everyone’s blood pressure.

      The fish tank is getting a reboot with the new place! It had gotten pretty algae-covered and out of balance. Fresh starts all-around. It is funny though, we say that we’re a pet-friendly workplace, but of the five people there, we have 3 dogs and no cats.

  3. Penny, I’m so happy that you acclimated to Steve’s new digs so quickly. Remember to brush up and lick on everything you can reach, so you can scent it all and make it YOURS. Steve’s waiting for you to make it Safe.

    Good girl!

  4. The things a pup has to put up with when her hooman decides to change offices! Sheesh!

    Glad you’re settling in, Penny! I’m pretty sure all they do is play with Mr. Crab when you’re not there. They just call it “science” so that it looks better on the timesheet. :D

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