Tis the Season

We’re the type of people that don’t like to do a lot of Christmas decorating before Thanksgiving. But this year, it seems like we’ve barely worked our way out of our turkey hangover, and blam, it’s December.

And so today, we set out on our first decorating — and strangely enough, it wasn’t even technically on our property. Remember that little Christmas tree that I bought a decade ago and then we replanted across the street back in October? Well, the Beloved found these very cool solar-activated lights that seemed like they’d be perfect for him.


Seems like a great way to start off the Season to me.


19 thoughts on “Tis the Season

  1. I think it’s a cool way to start off your decorating and get in the holiday spirit! :)
    We’ve almost finished up our Turkey leftovers. Just a little bit of turkey left, thank God! I’m so over turkey.

  2. I can almost hear the Vince Guaraldi Trio’s version of “O Christmas Tree” playing in the background. What a nice way to start the holiday: quiet and understated, but very appropriate, like Charlie Brown’s little tree.

  3. I love outdoor holiday lights nestled in the woods. It’s interesting that the decorated tree used to live in your house. Almost like a family member that moved next door.

    • Hah!! Fortunately, there are enough photons to light the tree up from sunset to about 10 or 11 at night, depending if it was sunny or not. One rainy day, they cut out around 9:15… :-/

  4. Wish you, the beloved and Penny a wonderful Christmas and a great year ahead.
    As ever, I shall eagerly await your posts in the coming year as well.

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